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Lunch'N Learn Talks & Workshops

Our nutrition talks by accredited nutritionists offer an effective means of instructing individuals in making well-informed decisions to cultivate practical, healthy habits that promote overall well-being and diminish the likelihood of diseases.

Acquiring the most up-to-date information on health and wellness is invaluable!

Choose from a variety of popular nutrition topics, available for virtual or onsite sessions at your location at your convenience.

1-hour nutrition talk: $390

*Option to add on $80 for a simple demonstration of a healthier and nutritious omakase recipe*

  1. Mastering the Basics of Healthy Nutrition
  2. Navigating Food Labels Made Easier
  3. Fuelling Your Heart
  4. Good Food, Good Mood
  5. Be the Smarter Grocer
  6. Cholesterol Control: Understanding the Good, the Bad, and the Foods that Make a Difference
  7. How to Balance Your Weight with the Right Diet & Lifestyle?
  8. Natural Remedies for your Gut health
  9. Feeding the Fountain of Youth = Healthy Aging
  10. About Intermittent Fasting – Is this a Fad or Fact?
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