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MyKenzen Diabetes Management Program helps you to take charge of your health by effectively managing and preventing further complications of diabetes through balanced nutrition and exercise.

Effective blood sugar control through healthy eating and physical activity are the cornerstone of diabetes management plan. MyKenzen diabetes Management program is designed to meet the specific needs of people with diabetes (Type 1 & Type 2). We help you to address your nutritional, physical & emotional concerns and also we help you to effectively control blood sugar level.


Pay attention to WHAT you eat and HOW much you eat through our detailed nutrition analysis based on your 3 days food input.


Help you to maintain optimum weight by devising personalized activity plan.


Guide you to choose healthy food based on Glycemic Index through weekly meal plans and grocery list.


Weekly follow ups to review your progress and reestablish your needs based on the challenges faced and to motivate you to adapt healthy eating habits. Follow ups also help to plan strategies ahead in case of travel, party etc.


A final review to mark your milestones achieved, to provide guidance to maintain the behaviour changes established during the program and to set future goals.

You can also enjoy the access to articles related to diabetes, scientific studies, nutrition updates etc. As healthy eating becomes part of your life, it helps you prevent complications and to make this sustainable, you need information and continuous motivation from a professional expert.

Start to accomplish your goal to control blood sugar levels by following MyKenzen Diabetes Management Program.

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