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Would you like to include some healthy alternatives on your menu?

Speak with our Nutritionist to help you plan a customized meal to save you the hassle and stress from planning while achieving your health goals!

Our hectic and busy lifestyle forces us to choose fat laden fast foods/frozen foods and unfortunately allows us very little time to plan, shop and prepare healthy nutritious foods that we would like to eat.

MyKenzen Meal Planning service is the right solution to treasure your health today! Whether you are weight conscious or having a health concern like diabetes, hypertension, allergy, digestion problems, and bowel problems etc that require you to eat healthily and follow a special diet, MyKenzen meal planning service is what you are looking for!

Just follow these steps:




Choose your goal / service and contact us to register



You will receive a form to enter your profile, and an eating plan will be designed for you based on your age, gender, BMI, food preference, health concerns and allergies. For example, if your goal is losing weight, you will receive diet plans low in fat, high in fiber and low glycemic load. Diet plans will be specialized for diabetic, hypertension and other heart related problems. You will then need to send it back to your Nutritionist for review:
1: Health and lifestyle questionnaire form
2: Exercise record form
3: Food record form



Your Nutritionist will process the information and an email notification will be sent to you once the results are ready for viewing and discussion:


Custom made meal plan with portion sizes


Nutrition breakdown

An email notification will be sent to you once the assessment results are ready to view. 

Kid's friendly meals and other restricted vegetarian menus can also be designed!

MyKenzen meal planning service:

  • Saves time and prevents stress in planning your meals
  • Convenience with ready to shop grocery list
  • Customized meal plans with nutrition breakdown
  • Convenience of scaling up portion size based on family size
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