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Adopt a holistic approach to healthy eating by offering healthier options available in your canteen!

We cannot just teach staff how to eat well, without concerning about the nutritional value of foods available at canteens/on-site catering, we also provide complete consultancy to re-adapt the menus and processes in offering healthier selections. The programme is comprehensive and split into 6 steps:

Step 1: Nutrition Audit of canteens


Onsite audit of the canteen by Certified Nutritionist


Detailed audit of every single dish that is consumed at the canteen


Data recorded and analysis: origin of the ingredients, process for cooking, recipes, portion size, presentation/serving to employees, environment/ location of the canteen


Interview of the cooks, food vendors


First education based on data collected will be provided on the day to Food vendors : managers, cooks, staff


Written Management report will be supplied, summarizing all the required changes and adaptations in terms of nutrition

Step 2: Data processing
Process the data and formulation of recommendation by MyKenzen based and substitution of ingredients with healthier alternatives.
Preparation of education Materials:


Dish labelling


Nutrition breakdown card


A3 Posters

Step 3: Present the required modifications and work their implementation with food vendors, to implement Healthy Canteens Guidelines


Food vendor education on site


Supply Recipe modification based on MyKenzen data collection and proposal at step 1, in line with Healthy Canteen Guidelines


Implementation and display of the material


Promote healthy eating inside of canteen


Implement posters & colour coding in canteen educational messages + material development


2 "Mystery inspector" mini audits during the period

Deliverables in Electronic format include:

  • Colour coding Food labelling

Nutritionist will categorize the menu into green (healthy), yellow (not too healthy - eat in moderation) & Red (unhealthy - eat less). Educational messages will be put up in the canteen to educate employees on how to use the colour codes and make informed choices.

  • Modification of selected dishes

Modification of selected dishes will be done based on cooking methods, ingredients used etc and the nutrition content before and after modification will be put up at the stalls.

  • Balanced meal suggestions

The canteen will put up educational messages on possible combination of dishes for the day that can be purchased by the employees in order to have a more balanced meal.

Step 4: Canteen Activities
Simple interactive sessions to increase awareness to employees on targeted health topics.

Few themes include:

Low sodium and low sugar intake: Employees get to match the food pictures with the correct sodium and sugar content.

Low fat, low sodium and low sugar: First session will give participants the knowledge on fats, sugars, and sodium, their difference and impact on health. Then through a game of "Spin the Wheel", employees will spin the wheel and answer questions on intake and food selection respectively. It enables participants to interact in a more fun and friendly manner about healthier food choices and learning how to adapt them.

Fruits & vegetables: This activity will provide information about the nutritional importance of this food group in our diet. A presentation will be done on the topic and employees can play a crossword puzzle on fruits & vegetables.

Step 5: Final review and HCCS certification 4 to 6 months later: Onsite visit by Certified Nutritionist


Review of all the changes that were proposed during first visit with the food vendors


Completion of HPB check list to apply for Healthier Choice Canteen Symbol (attached list)


Management report will be supplied, based on the final changes / recommendations.

Step 6: Intermediate Review and Final debriefing with Management at end of the period

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