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Healthy eating behaviours start from childhood and proper nutrition is essential

to help children to grow to their full potential. This helps parents to ensure that their kids receive optimum nutrition to meet their growing needs.

Customized nutrition plan for your child!

Do you know how to plan balanced diet for your child to maximize their potential to do better in school, sports and other daily activities? MyKenzen Kids nutrition program can help you to establish healthy eating habits in your child, thereby laying strong foundation for your kid's life. It includes:


Individual nutrition consultation sessions to review your nutrition profile, dietary pattern, food choices and combinations and physical activity. Custom made report and recommendations will be advised to you based on your needs.


Follow ups on weekly basis to share your success help you to overcome any obstacles faced with ongoing support and education on healthy eating.


Providing meal plans to guide you to healthy eating, proper food choices and portion control.


Brief nutrition assessment


Recommendations on nutrients that are lacking in your child's diet.


Calcium rich foods


Foods to include


Foods to avoid


Grocery list


Sample bento box recipes

USDA claims that only 35% of boys and 14% of girls derive 100% of the RDA of calcium. To ensure that your kids receive balanced nutrition to reach their target goals of nutrients, START now with MyKenzen Child Nutrition programme.

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